Diversity, Inclusion, Development, Sustainability, Retention, Belonging, Fulfillment, Well-Being and Engagement are the challenges for today’s employer and workforce alike.

If we took inventory of your workforce well being, would you confident or concerned with the results?

Recognizing the complex problems facing businesses and individuals in a diverse, multi-generational workforce, Che has developed tools and solutions for solving today’s Human Resource challenges.

What Is Limitless?

Limitless is an HR professional’s roadmap for identifying and supporting the resolution of all of a company’s most sensitive human resource challenges. Are you losing your best employees? Do you have to hire key people outside of your corporation? Is your workforce supporting or limiting your corporate goals?

Che has created an integrated multidisciplinary approach grounded in the integrated concepts of neurogenesis, cognitive and creative engagement to address the issues of retention, diversity, inclusion, engagement and inclusion in the workplace. (links to the science)

According to Gallup when employee health suffers, your company suffers:

  • Higher Absenteeism
  • Lower Performance
  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • Decrease in Quality
  • Decrease in Profit

Bottom Line Impact:

We can use Limitless to cultivate the skills of happiness, diversity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing, which increase retention, engagement, health and productivity. The wellbeing of employees is essential to driving the health of a business or organization; we can no longer afford to ignore its impact.



Our Plan for Unleashing your Team on the World!

Through a very quick and engaging questionnaire, your entire workforce will submit their perspective on things such as:

Can you be yourself at work?

How often do you feel overwhelmed?

When would you turn to management for help?

After analyzing the data, the Limitless Team will provide you a prioritized assessment of recommendations, mindful-mapping and executive coaching suggestions that you can implement on your timetable.

Imagine a workplace where your team is focused, engaged and actively advocating for your brand? Imagine being able to plan, execute and achieve your corporate goals because HR is the strength of your business.

Team Workshops

Our Plan for Unleashing your Team on the World!

We provide tailored, multidisciplinary training programs for all teams and across all departments based on the audit responses. These workshops are about empowering your team to carry forward your mindfully-mapped strategy.

Success Stories

St. Josesph Health Care

Developed the first employee mindfulness wellness centre in a transformed OR with over forty health programs running a week with four thousand employees a month using the centre and programs.

Introduced eight week modules with dosages of 15 minute meditations daily for eight weeks reduced feelings of stress and anxiety and increased positive group dynamic. Eighty five percent of Nurses participating in program reported feelings of being cared for and growth from the classes.