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Che Marville is a transformational Wellness Expert, Certified International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Corporate Wellness Pioneer and Podcaster. Che is Keynote Speaker known for bringing science and wellbeing together, and she believes strongly in the unlimited potential of all human beings. Most recently, in response to the pandemic, she has created the HR Limitless Road Map(copyright)-a process for identifying and supporting sensitive human resource challenges.

In order to thrive in this new environment, it requires the capacity to learn, adapt and grow. We never stop learning; we learn differently over time. The workplace is an adult ecosystem for growth, learning and belonging. The science of neurogenesis demonstrates a relationship between mental acuity, energy and aerobic endurance. Encouraging employees and entrepreneurs to invest in their well-being and others’ well-being isn’t nice to do, but a necessity for living through the fourth industrial revolution.

She holds degrees in social science and multidisciplinary studies, from Glendon College, York University. She has trained in the wisdom traditions at the Toronto Svinanda Centre, Downward Dog Ashtanga Yoga Studio and the Burlington Yoga Centre Inspired by the Iyengar Yoga.

Mrs. Marville has over two decades of training and coaching experience, she was CEO of the Marville Wellness Group, she has trained over fifteen thousand health professionals and thousands of executives in the public and private sector in mindfulness, human service, and wellbeing modalities. She has taught thousands of students from the age of five to a hundred and five. She developed the ground-breaking employee wellness mobile program for shift workers specializing in healing modalities, mindfulness and compassion, called “TAKING IT TO THE FLOOR” at Toronto General, Princess Margaret, Toronto Western and St. Joseph Hamilton Healthcare. She developed the first employee wellness centre for St Joseph Hamilton Healthcare seeing eight hundred employees a month in its first year. She was the Co-Founder and Director the Clarity Centre Coaching and Meditation Teacher Training Program, The Children’s Yoga Lab, and the Senior Teacher & Developer for the Clarity Centre Teacher Training Program, The Yoga Lab for Seniors, Senior Advisor for Human Resources and Wellness at the research hospital The University Health Network, Executive Director of the Children’s Media Museum and Senior Social Science Researcher for the Ontario Science Centre. Mrs. Marville was the Senior Advisor & Developer for Sheridan College Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training and is currently the Vice President of the Soul Café Employee Engagement Platform for Origin Group of Companies.

Anyone that has been exposed to the impact that mindful wellbeing brings knows how profound the changes can be. For clients that want to pursue an on-going journey of balance and fulfillment, Che offers exclusive coaching, mentoring and training programs by consultation. For more information on what your personal journey might look like, contact Che here.

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As part of your Corporate Wellness Program, Che is happy to support and reinforce the strategies your team employs by providing Keynote Speaking Presentations to meant to keep your team engaged and purpose driven.

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