Wellness Audit

Taking the Pulse of Your Team

In order to understand the needs of an organization, a survey is conducted to get the temperature and determine the current level of engagement and wellbeing. Questions will ask for a personal perspective on subjects like:

  • Fulfillment
  • Belonging
  • Satisfaction
  • Growth
  • Performance
  • Security

This evaluation process is an information gathering funnel designed to gain an understanding of the current culture and environment. Both a survey and interview are conducted.

Wellness Team Promotion

Che’s team will train team leads to be ambassadors for wellness; once the wellness audit is completed, identified team members can become Wellness Ambassadors. This role can be rotated between team members. It is a fantastic strategy for sharing knowledge, keeping team members engaged and active whether remotely or onsite.

Wellness Ambassadorship

The Virtual Tool Kit

Achieve Limitless Capacity

We have to train leaders to cultivate mental and physical wellbeing. The Marville process creates a bespoke roadmap for body and mind awareness. Using various wholistic tools, methods, exercises and descriptive visualizations, the facilitator will create a stress-free, relaxing experience that leads to enhanced productivity whether completed remotely or on site.

Let’s face it, we thought the pandemic would last for a few months, instead it turned the world upside down and changed the way we worked and engaged with each other. Now you need to lead your team through a transformed world and skills like empathy, connection and communication have never been more essential for leading and inspiring a dynamic team. Your wellbeing as a leader is key to mentoring and growing the capabilities of your team.

Coaching packages come in the form of weekly commitments and can be conducted on site, or completely virtual:
Four Week – The reset
Eight – Filling the Tool Kit
Twelve – Living and Working with Purpose
Access to Our Mind Is Calm – Tools for a Purpose Driven Life



As part of your Corporate Wellness Program, Che is happy to support and reinforce the strategies your team employs by providing Keynote Speaking Presentations to meant to keep your team engaged and purpose driven.