Wellness Coaches

Let me guide you – Coaching the coaches

Che has designed a multidisciplinary, multisensory teacher training and coaching program for wellness entrepreneurs that want to grow a successful health and wellness business with structure, tools and a plan. 

Lead by Che, she has assembled a  multidisciplinary team of experienced advisors of yogis, physicians, nurses, kinesiologist, nutritionist, therapist, social workers and CPA’s to facilitate the training program.The program base is a 200 Hour Core Yoga Training program with focus on the eight dimensions of wellbeing. The training and certification licensing fee is $9,800.00


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Instead of thinking positive, try different ways of thinking, use the skills of compassionate solutions based observation to explore your own story and  experience.

Your story is your truth, understand that your suffering creates opportunities for growth.

Practice kindness for self and remember that your life has purpose and meaning.